Hard layer on surface issue of formulating wax.

Lately I’m having a problem on my finished product. 

I am pouring the 75 degree celcius waterbased pomade on a tin can. My based ingredients are ceteareth, beeswax, pvp, etc which gave me a creamy lotion structure. 
After brewing, I leave the products overnight to make it reach room temperature. When it reach room temperature, I try to use the product.

The surface of the product is solid because of evaporation, but inside its still viscous. 

My question is why this happen? How to make the surface and inside have the same result?

When the top layer has been removed, I put the product under air conditioner and i think the product was evaporated and the product become more solid. Before the surface has been removed, i tried to put the product under air conditiner also and not much happen, only the top layer becoming hard.
Is it caused by the top layer?
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