Vegetable Oils Constituting 50% of Non-Water Portion of O/W Cream?

What would be the likely perceived skin feel effect (as a general rule) of an O/W cream containing vegetable oils that constitute 50% of the non-water portion of the cream (let's say the composition is 75% Water/12.5% Vegetable Oils/12.5% All Other Ingredients)?

Would this likely be too greasy?  Or would this be about what you would expect for a rich O/W cream?  What might the skin feel result be?



  • There is really no point in talking about this; one sense cannot replace another. Just make it, and find out for yourself.  Your question is impossibly simple; the sensorials of any product depend not only on simple ratios of lipids to other ingredients, but to a large degree on the nature of the emollients. As an example, imagine choosing two esters, one is at the light end of the scale and the other, at the heavy end. One is lighter than water and a cream made with it has very fast absorption and a dry powder skin feel. The other is thick and waxy and a cream made with it has very slow absorption and a cushioned, slippery skin feel.
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  • It really depends on the formula. You can make 12% oil-in-water that would feel incredibly greasy, and 20% water-in-oil that is not greasy at all. 
    Ingredients like silica or crosslinked silicones change the feel as well. It has nothing to do with % of the oil.
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