The role of solvent in dishwashing liquids

I wonder what would be the specific role of solvents in some premium dishwashing liquids like ethanol, butyl glycol or others. Is it mainly to dissolve grease or there is another purpose behind ?

For example here is a formula of a premium washing liquid from Kao Chemicals:

EMAL 270 D 40.2
OXIDET DM-20 18.6
Ethanol 5.2
Propyleneglycol 2.0
NaCl 1.6 (approx.) 0.5 (pH ≈ 7) q.s.
Citric acid (50%)
Preservative q.s
Colorant q.s
Deionised Water q.s up to 100%

What would be the role of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol ?

Thank you

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