What's the right cup to use?

I am whipping up batches of nail polish a using plastic shot glass cups and realizing that its melting. I liked the cups I was using because it was cheaper in bulk but as i start to make bigger batches and melting cups. I that I could reach out to someone in addition to doing to research in the matter. 

I'm searching for the perfect nail polish mixing cup! :) 


  • You need to use stainless. I would not recommend glass because you're handling an inflammable material. In fact, I do hope you have a fume cupboard and extractor or you will end up in hospital through inhaling the fumes.
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  • Thank you Belassi, and for your concern. I do have proper air ventilation and fume extraction. I will begin the search for stainless, although it sounds pretty expensive especially since I'm mixing small batches as I'm developing the desired nail polish color 
  • SibechSibech Member, Professional Chemist
    @BeautifullyArtistic presuming you are a homecrafter and basically just mixing up your own colors (based on the fact that you are using a shot glass) you would probably be fine with a jigger. And as belassi mentioned, get one of stainless steel.

    and remember gloves, which should be changed if you spill on them. Most nail polish contains some... less than heatlthy solvents- fine on your nails, less fine on repeated skin exposure.
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    No offense, but you do have a fume cupboard + fume extraction, but still mix nail polish excipients in plastic cups?
    Don't get us wrong, but do not underestimate safety measures, they're an absolute necessity and it's one of the reasons nail polish usually isn't something for homecrafters to experiment with.
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