Is CAPB ruining BTMS emulsion?

In the following formulation

40% demineralized water
4% BTMS-50
0.5% dimethiconol
heat and stir
a nice emulsion so far

but when adding
26% Dehyton-K (8% active cocamidopropylbetaine CAPB)
it forms some crumbs
I was expecting it too thin out, but not the crumbs.

How to fix it?
CAPB+BTMS is supposed to be already used in cleansing conditioners.


  • I don’t have experience with these two products together but can suggest a couple of thoughts.
    CAPB is amphoteric. It is anionic at pH above 7 and cationic below 7 (please check if there are decimals, maybe it’s 6.something). So potentially you can resolve your problem by decreasing pH so that you have two cationic emulsifiers in your formula. Another point, CAPB is a surfactants. So is BTMS. Maybe you can mix surfactants separately and then add water?
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