Aluminium Diaphragm pumps in cosmetics


Im currently manufacturing palm/tallow based soap ussing industrial process and several types of shampoos, im a big fan of diaphragm pumps and i use they mostly to transfer the productos to storage Stainless steel tanks, right now i have 02 SS and 02 Polyproplylene AROpumps and they work perfectly, in fact i have used they to easily pump molten soap arround 90 °C that have a great viscosity and lumps with no issues.

2 Months ago i bought a set of 3 Aluminium diaphragm pumps ARO Brand, 3", 2" and 1.5" diameter discharge, and were a bargain, despite of that i have used they only to transfer water, oils and similar products, basically im wasting their capacity, im afraid of damaging the pumps with the remaining citric acid of the shampo or contaminate it.

I would like to know if someone of you have used aluminium pumps in cosmetic , knowing that the cosmetic/sanitary authority of my country doesnt exist


  • You are far better off using only plastic (HDPE or PP) double-diaphragm pumps for contact with body-care products if you cannot afford sanitary stainless steel 304 or 316. Aluminum DD pumps are used industrially to pump mainly oils.
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