DIY Natural Hair Pomade

Hey guys, new to the club. 

Lately i've been trying to make a homemade natural oil based pomade with ingredients as follows:
- carnauba wax
- cocoa butter
- hydrogenated castor oil
- virgin coconut oil
- jojoba oil
- castor oil

Does anybody have a clue to why the end result has a small white freckles on top it? It's forming after cured. Picture:

Thanks folks!


  • @hanyo28 maybe stiring was not good enough .
  • The problem is called "blooming".  That means some of your oils are not compatible or are not used in the right ratios. Time to experiment with different ratios of the ingredients.  Doing a knockout experiment could help you identify the problem too.
  • I am pretty sure it's cocoa butter. I noticed this "result" several times with other types of anhydrous products. Also, make sure you leave the jar open when it cools down.
  • +1 for cocoa butter, it's terrible for forming crystalline phases during cooldown
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  • You may try cooling your product immediately after being poured. Maybe put in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
  • Hanyo, try adding a small level of lecithin (<0.50%) to this and you should see little or no blooming.
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