Forumlation Chemist Needed for Medicinal/Homeopathic Dietary Supplement

Hi Everyone,

From what I've researched, I'm in need of chemist capable of helping develop/formulate a homeopathic/supplement based product.  The product's active ingredients are based on grapefruit and other citrus seed extract, and the product I'm looking to develop will be a liquid based off these main ingredients.  

Not being a chemist myself and wanting to make sure the most effective and safest possible product is developed, I am looking for a chemist or someone with similar qualifications that can help bring this formula to life.

There are a few products in the market that have similarities and I can provide more details on those to the candidate chosen.  I'd prefer to work with someone or a fixed price so please let me know what price you would quote based on the information provided.

Feel free to propose what price you would quote for such a project if you feel qualified and interested.  I'm also willing to give a referral fee to anyone that can connect me with a qualified candidate that is selected for the job.  



  • Hi everyone,

    If you are more comfortable sending a direct email message to me rather than responding via comments, feel free to do so at

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