superoxide dismutase

Has anyone worked with lyophilized Superoxide Dismutase? We are wondering which solution should we reconstitute it.  I've read Ammoniun Sulfate (60%) will work fine and stored at 5 degrees, but AS is not skin friendly and doesn't sound good in an ingredient list.  Others have used Glycerol but not sure if it has Potassium Phosphate.  Any suggestions? Thanks, Todd


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    What are you hoping the Superoxide Dismutase is going to do? What's the application?  If it is just a claims ingredient, not expected to do much, just reconstitute it in water.  It's soluble.
  • SOD actually works on the skin from the peer reviewed papers I've read. For long term storage in -20, water alone is not stable enough.

    wondering if anyone's used SOD?
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    What papers have convinced you of its effectiveness in topical treatments? What are you hoping the Superoxide Dismutase is going to do? 

    This isn't a trivial point. If you're going to use an ingredient in a product you should be able to show that it is doing something. In that way you can prove whether your storage method is suitable.

    If you can't tell a difference in your formula with the ingredient included or not or a deactivated version included then it doesn't matter how you store it. 
  • I just want to know what resuspension solution i should use that's effective, long term.
  • GuntherGunther Member
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    SOD is a large and complex molecule that may not be absorbed by the skin.

    Real SOD is extremely expensive, and more so because most ain't absorbed by the skin, thus out of reach unless you're formulating for billionaires.

    Affordable SOD may not contain real SOD

    There's SOD1, SOD2 and SOD3. You have to figure out which one to use.
  • it's used more for skin surface antioxidation. 
  • That's the theory
    but does that really work in real life?
    Did you find any independent studies on it?
  • found many peer reviewed papers on SOD and it's affect.
  • Do you have some links to the studies?
  • I will post them in the morning, will look into my files.
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