Natural solid Perfume

I am making solid perfume with the following composition. I want to make it long lasting and stable. Please help. My formulation is as follows:
Beeswax- 10%
Candellila wax- 5%
Lanolin anhydrous- 5%
Soy wax-5%
Micro crystalline wax -5%
Ozkerite wax-5%
Shea butter-5%
Avocado butter-5%
Mango butter-5%
Cocoa butter- 5%
Grapeseed Oil-2%
Apricot kernel oil -2%
Glycerine -0.5%
Tocopherol- 0.5%
Parfum fragrance- 40%

The final product is creamy smooth and oily. I want to make it less sticky and reduce the evaporation rate of fragrances. Please help. 

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