Ingredients for Reducing Glide and Slipperiness of Skin Lotions/Creams?

What are ingredients that tend to reduce the glide and slipperiness (and increase friction) during application and rub out of skin lotions/creams?

In other words, what could be added to a formulation that already contains a number of high glide and "slippery" emollients in order to reduce the slipperiness and increase the friction when applying and rubbing out the lotion/cream into the skin?


  • I don't understand why anyone would want to do that.
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  • I agree with Belassi. Everone has an opposite problem. But if you want to add drag to your lotion add stearic acid. Cetearyl Alcohol will work as well (it is rather draggy without silicones)
  • Does cetearyl alcohol perform similarly to cetyl alcohol as an opacifier and emulsion stabilizer?

    In other words, as a general rule, could cetearly alcohol replace cetyl alcohol in a formulation without seeing much difference in the final product?

    Believe it or not, I have heard from a number of people who say they don't like creams that are too slippery upon application.
  • Cetyl and cetearyl alcohol are very similar indeed. I would say the only noticeable  difference, cetyl is less draggy, so I proposed cetearyl. 
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