Pressing cosmetics

When i press my formula and the plates lift
My foundations have a layer of skin on them with a horizontal bubble under the layer.

Would increasing psi from 600 up resolve air bubbles or do i need to revisit the formula.

Of 6 pans 1 comes out ok and 5 will crack and have a pillow of air across it about 1mm under the surface. So when i push on what looks perfect, it sinks down and a central crack/indent will emerge

Why is it tormenting me like this?


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, PCF student, Professional Chemist
    Hard to say Tal without more ingredient info. Minerals? Carriers? Waxes?
  • This is likely entirely unhelpful, but this just happened with Huda Beauty's Rose Gold Remastered palette. A volume of air exists just below the surface, causing the top layer of "crust" to collapse when pressed. Maybe you could search and see if anyone is talking about that? Sorry, I think that's the best I can do without a formula. 
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