Liquid laundry detergent problem

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Dear friends I have made a liquid laundry detergent which is working fine and with the required thickness but one difficulty is that after few days keeping in a bottle at normal room temperature a transparent liquid is floating above the solution surface. Can anybody help me regarding this what it could be, why it is decomposing I am mixing it well and giving time to each ingredient. I am using these materials....

Water 73.8%
Formaldehyde 0.2%
Urea 0.3%
Acid Slurry 8.7%
castic soda 1.3%
SLES 8.7%
Sodium Silicate 6.1%
TSP 0.3%
Tenopal  0.2%
Citric Acid 0.0%
Color 0.1%
Fragrance 0.2%
Salt 0.2%


  • You need an emulsifier try polysorbate 60
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @shaujaat actually formaldehyde is very toxic ingredient wich you should change to another preservative , even the level of use is too high must be 0,1 % as maximum reaching 0,05 %|.
  • Formaldehyde is banned as a preservative.
  • @Gunther @Fekher so can you suggest any inexpensive as formaldehyde alternate preservative, I tried potassium sorbate which is expensive one.
  • @beautybarrel is EDTA can do the work well ? which one is cost effective ? I have never tried Polysorbate 60
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @shaujaat actually Cathon CG at 0,1% level can be good solution.
  • Thank you very much guys... 
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    I suggest Aqucar IG 50 as Kathon CG is comparatively expensive and more of use in personal care generally. But it is indeed a very good preservative, make sure your pH stays below 8 if you are using Kathon CG.
  • thank you 

  • Gross :neutral: nothing happened 
  • @Belassi do you have any easy solution !
  • I think that for clear liquid detergent you should remove Sodium silica. it is very sightly solvent in water. it  & TSP are a stuff in powder detergent only
  • @khoikhoa may be you are right, I also feel that sodium silicate is the culprit but it has good cleaning ability how can exchange it ? 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    @Belassi do you have any easy solution !
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  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Liquid laundry detergent + Happi + Shoaib Airf and google
    read that and that will give you some good idea on liquid detergents.
  • @shaujaat I used Sles, las and nonionic as cleansing agent in liquid detergent

    IMO SLES is not needed or desirable as linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (neutralized LABSA) already makes enough foam on its own, and cleans better.
    I can only see SLES be helpful in a hand prespotter, for better flash foam.

    And choose Potassium hydroxide instead of NaOH, it withstands cold temperatures better without clouding.
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