Quick Drying Mascara

I'm formulating a mascara for a client who wants all the ingredients to be EcoCert approved, nature identical or natural, and quick drying, but she didn't initially want me to use a volatile solvent like ethanol... I'm having a really hard time improving the dry time at the moment with the ingredient restrictions, any suggestions? Ingredients I've included (to varying %s from sample to sample): water, (0.3%) xanthan gum, (up to 4%) glycerin (I took it out in my latest sample and that seemed to help a wee bit), LexFeel N50 (up to 4%), Vellaplex (2%), candelilla and carnauba wax (4-6%), stearic acid (4-6%), Olivem 1000 (4-6%), black iron oxide (up to 10%), + various proteins/extracts (roughly .3-.5% each) and a preservative system. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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