surfactants and emulsifiers

I am working on a project that is a combination of oil and water, it contains about 14% oil.  In addition to that 20% is sodium chloride.  I am trying to get the mixture to first become a stable mixture while decreasing surface tension, (and here is where the problem comes in) and keep the viscosity very low (sprayable).  I am trying to stay as natural as possible also.  
The biggest problem that I am having is with that much salt surfactant that I have tried just thickens up to the point of shampoo consistency.  
Any ideas and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  
I have not done much chemistry since college but find myself with another business venture that requires some.


  • Use a surfactant that is not liable to thicken with salt.
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  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    20% NaCl in a o/w emulsion? Stable? Low viscosity? Sprayable? - good luck with that.
  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist

    It sounds like you are trying to creating a sprayable emulsion that also includes a surfactant.

    (1)   14% is a lot of oil to get into solution, you might consider dropping that down significantly.

    (2)   20% NaCl ... perhaps more like 2% ... perhaps 20% is a typo

    (3)   Use Sucrose Stearate as the emulsifier.  It will create a milky white emulsion that is water-thin.
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