Do I need a EDTA?

Hi! Tell me, please, I use only distilled water for products leave in and rain water for products rinse off. Do I need to add EDTA?  Thank you :)


  • Distillation doesn't remove all minerals. Chelating agent might be skipped in de-ionised water (in theory).
  • FekherFekher Member
    edited October 2018
    @Sanek if you use distilled water you will not need to use EDTA cause % of minerals are soo reduced .
  • Thank you!
  • you are welcome @Sanek
  • Again if you want to make it perfect it should be de-ionised. But I agree that  probably the difference wouldn't be noticeable.
  • Real Deionized water is much more expensive than demineralized or distilled water.
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    EDTA is often used to enhance the efficacy of your preservative. So you may want to add it in any case.
  • I agree with @ozgirl .
    According to the hurdle approach I nearly always use a chelating agent, usually EDTA. My water is both distilled and deionized, if I should believe supplier and the manufacturers label. If I check the pH I know it's at least distilled, it's way more acidic than tap water.
  • I also add 0.1% to de-ionised water, which is probably not too scientific but who knows if it's trully de-ionized or not.
  • Not to mention, deionised water will start pulling anything it can from the air/container etc. So best to use a chelating agent for pure water as well. 
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