Induce Shine in Hair Lotion

I have a formulation as follow:

Phase 1:


Behentrimonium Chloride

Phase 2:

Dimethicone 350- 5%

Cetearyl Alcohol- 4%

Glycole Monostearate SE- 2.5%

Chlorphenesin- 0.2%

Heat and homogenize as usual.

I want it to be more shiny!

The Cetearyl Alcohol I'm using is 50/50,

What should I add to induce shine in this formulation:

Cetyl Alcohol or stearyl alcohol?

And why?


Chief Chemist/ R&D Manager at SASA Cosmetics


  • None of them. You will not achieve your goal by adding fatty alcohols. What you need is more silicones. Add cyclomethicone. Also why Behentrimonium is in the water phase?
  •  ngarayeva001 I'll move the behentrimonium to the oil phase,

    But I'll like to know how adding stearyl or cetyl alcohol contribute to this formulation?

    Chief Chemist/ R&D Manager at SASA Cosmetics
  • The reason why I asked "why is it in the water phase" is that I have a lot of difficulties with melting it (I believe it has higher melting point comparing to other emulsifiers that I use). Cetyl (and stearyl) alcohol are fatty acids. They add creaminess not shine. They would just make this product thicker. Think of cetyl alcohol the same way as cetearyl alcohol but with less "drag".
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Try Phenyl Trimethicone @0.5-1%, a bit expensive but might work. 
  • Hello everyone,

    I moved the Dimethicone to the end of the formulation, and added it below 45 degrees.

    I got a shiny cream as I wanted....

    and it is stable at 30 min centrifuge at 4K RPM.


    Chief Chemist/ R&D Manager at SASA Cosmetics
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