Hair gel just for shining

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hi friends , will be a good idea to make hair gel with : carbomer , TEA , MPG , preservative and perfume ? just to give hair shining effect no more .
 attending your advices @Perry @ngarayeva001 @Chemist77 @MarkBroussard @Gunther ;


  • Maybe a little water soluble silicone, those ones you mentioned wouldn’t impart any shine once dried. Or ethoxylated esters like ethoxylated jojoba esters.
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    thanks @Chemist77  , MPG can  in adequat % give shining effect , not?
  • I doubt that and this is strictly my personal opinion based on my trials and experience. 
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    @Chemist77 i appriciate your opinion, if i make it i will tell about result. I'am thinking about a % of MPG between 5 and 10.
    Actually i add it in hair wax and professionnel says that it improved shining effect .
  • Actually i made the gel and the resultat of shining is quiet good however in addition to shining  effect this gel has also smoothing effect.
  • Depending on your definition of gel,
    you can make a simple one with just a silicone dissolved in cyclomethicone.
    Pretty shiny, smoothing and even a mild hold.
    Some of them are already marketed as drops for hair split ends.
    You can often buy premade 15% dimethiconol in 85% cyclomethicone gel, you can bottle it as is, or you can add more dimethicone/ol or cyclomethicone if you want it to be more or less viscous, respectively.

    Now, adding fragrance to a 100% silicone formulation may be challenging.
    Let's see what do the more experienced guys can suggest.
  • Would merquat 3330 be a viable option for shine? I've been looking to add some gloss to a water based product I am formulating as well.
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    @Gunther thanks for your proposition , so oil are not soluble in silicone if i understood you? and i want to know what do you think about articels wich said that using silicone close the fiber of hair so silicone is harmfull for hair.

    @Dirtnap1 may be it can make shining effect if you can make your experience and tell us.
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    @Perry @ngarayeva001  @Chemist77 @DAS @MarkBroussard have you any idea about how solving perfume in 100% silicone blend?
  • I'm not aware of any studies that prove that silicones are bad for hair.

    Most silicone bashing is based on pseudoscience.
  • @Gunther actually silicone has many different products so may some are harmfull and some are not .
    About solubilizing perfume maybe isopropyl mystirate can be an adequat solublizer in silicone blend  according to a personnel resaerch.
  • Fekkher there is this ester C12-15 alkyl benzoate which @chemicalmatt always mentions in his posts on such issues. Try it, may work better than IPM. 
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