does the emulsion of oil in water always gives cloudy or creamy not clear gel?

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hi guys,

making this hair conditioner and its leave on. i want it clear gel but no idea what will happen to end product havent tested it yet. 

phase A

water q.s.
transparent carboxymethyl cellulose- 2%
edta - 0.2%

Phase B

behentrimonium chloride - 2 %
pq -10 - 1.5%
cetyl alcohol- 2%
stearyl alcohol- 1%
will polysorbate 80 and glycereal oleate enough to give clear emulsification?

Phase c

centrimonium chloride - 1%
paraben mix- 0.5%

the more search the more confusing it becomes.

a conditioner as far as i understand only be used for detangling and conditioning purpose.

for detangling we use one silicones

for conditioning wont it be suffice to use centrimonium chloride in lil large proportion.

does polyquat, lipid really add on anything etc here?


  • Just to begin, many fragrances turn clear products opaque. And that is just one item alone...
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  • You are using conventional thickeners and emulsifiers. You will not get a clear product with cetyl alcohol.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    No, you won't be able to make a clear formula with these ingredients.
  • Unless you succeed to formulate a nano-emulsion or microemulsion with these components

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