viscosity of dish wash shampoo

hi all
we have dish wish shampoo but it is less viscous and not can possible for recover it.


  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    What are you putting in that formula apart from water (correct me I am wrong) 
  • 838 gm Water

    sulphonic acid 85 gm 

    Lsles 20gm

    caustic soda 11.30

    27 gm CDEA

    1 gm EDTAu

    cocobutane 10gm

    urea 5gm

    DEA 1gm

  • What is pH of the sample ?
  • ph is 7

  • try to increase it by caustic soda to 7.5 and let is know if the solution turned to clear or not
  • mix well while adding material , give time before adding each ingredient while constantly blending it.
  • How you add sulphonic and Caustic soda
  • Neutralized Sulfonic acid is pale yellow, not clear
    That's why colorants are usually added

    To increase viscosity you can
    increase sulfonate concentration
    increase SLES concentration
    or add salt to thicken it.
  • Thank you Gunther, 
    we control our problem by increasing SLES and salt. 
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