BHT in tallow

I am looking for something to keep tallow from going rancid/oxidizing. I am also looking for something that will make the tallow thicker but the thickener itself has to be less than .1 microns. I was hoping that BHT might do both. Also the BHT is in Crystal form and I don't know if it will break down once I mix it in the tallow. I also thought about using kaolin clay as the thickener. I am creating a diamond polishing paste. Tallow was recommended as the carrier for the diamonds but the tallow I bought in larger quantities was almost runny compared to a sample I purchased from a diamond dust dealer. I know that this is not a cosmetic issue but I can't find an answer anywhere else and while I do make cosmetics, I tried to find the answer elsewhere before I posted it here. Thanks for any help. 
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