How to thicken liquid soap

I am formulating a soap based liquid handwash with lauric, myristic and castor oil with KOH. I usually used HPMC as thickener and it works but not cost-effective. I also tried NaCI to thicken the liquid soap but sometimes it works, another time it doesn't. Again NaCI inhibits lathering. So for an economical formula, what thickener can I use in my formula? Note that pH of formula is 9-11 when carbomer doesn't work.  


  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    edited September 2018
    @Mamun actually you can thick your liquid soap without any add you just try combined saponification with using both NaoH and KoH the more you use NaoH the more you thick your product and try to use saponification Calculator to do it right and to see in advance the effect of NaoH in your soap's thickness.
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