Need help with changing the color using the same formula and getting the same end result.

I have a question, I use the same formula for my red, nude, wine, and chocolate liquid ipstick colors, but when I go to make a darker color like a darker wine color or dark purple, the color payoff isn't as intense on my lips like it is with the other colors. It comes off greasy. My formula is:

Hectorite gel: 38%
cyclomethicone: 30.6%
polyisobutene: 4%
caprylyl glycol 0.5%
phenoxyethanol 0.5%
vanilla flavor 0.2%
glycerin 0.2%

The colorants I use for the colors are
manganese violet: 15%
red #40: 7.3%
blue: 2.7%

What do you suggest I do to get a high payoff of color, that is even with application (not blotchy), and not too greasy, because that is what I'm getting which doesn't make sense  because I'm not getting that with the other colors, using the same formula.


  • This is a common problem with dark shades.
    White is the only pigment that gives opacity, so deep color, non transparent.
    Thats why the nudes have a better pay off.
    You can add just a little of titanium dioxide pigment.
    I have been also experimenting with Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate. 
    It seems to work quite well in my formula.

  • try recolor-matching. manganese violet has very poor opacity and gives that greasy feel. Also, as @marytsiang said try adding some white. 
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