thickner for serum which does not give stickyness

hello , i am searching for thickner for face serum. i have used diffrent thickners like lubrizol edt 2020(0.8%), xanthan gum(0.3%), ultrez 20(0.8%) of lubrizol.. but all of them have stickyness .  ecogel from lucas myers dont give mich stickyness but it is very expensive for me to use. pls sudgest some thickner which gives less stickyness in serum. 


  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @dharmaraj neutralized Carbomer may can be solution.
  • @Fekher wht u sudgest nutrilizer for edt 2020 of lubrizol. tea, koh, or naoh, and how much to use to nutrilize 0.8% of edt 2020. and dont nutrilizer add thickness to the product?? do i need to reduce the dosege of carbomer or i should use only very little nutrilizer which doesent thicken the product.
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    actually i use TEA and it is good for litel quantity must be lower then 5% so if we take it as neutralizer %TEA = %Carbomer* 1,5 i did try Naoh and it make residu so i eliminate it from my choice about AMP may it can be in residu better then TEA according to some reaserch i did but still searching for AMP to be sure from that reasearch by doing experience so for AMP i had not experiences .
    Actually for viscosty it depend on neutralizer , ph , % Carbomer , and type of carbomer i have idea about carbomer 996 but not for edt 2020 .
    just make correct neutralisation then try to reach your optimal viscosity by starting from high viscosity product and decreasing the viscosity by diluating your product until you reach wanted viscosity then calculate the adequat % of carbomer of wanted viscosity i use this method it is too easy and fast .
    Good futre product friend.
    for your question you must reduce % of carbomer not reducing quantity of neutralizer , actually both will decrease the viscosity but if you just make bad neutralization with less needed neutralizer you will have high acid product wich can be harmfull.
  • thank you
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    you are welcome @dharmaraj
  • Fekher said:
    actually i use TEA and it is good for litel quantity must be lower then 5% 
    In Europe the limit is 2.5%
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    HPMC, high viscosity?? 
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