Is it time to regulate probiotics in cosmetics?

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For those of you who subscribe to the Dermatology Times, this report today

Other unknowns Dr. Katz raised in her presentation include:

• Are probiotics still alive in the cosmetics that have preservatives?
• Does the presence of probiotics have an effect on product safety?
• Is there an effect on product quality?
• What are the intended functions of probiotics in cosmetics?
• Are there special considerations for manufacturing cosmetics containing probiotics?
• How can cosmetics containing live microorganisms meet existing microbial contamination limits?
• Does the presence of probiotics in cosmetics affect the shelf life and storage products?
• How are probiotic cosmetics regulated by other countries?

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    A good example of these would be "Mother Dirt AO+ Mist" which supposedly have live Nitrosomonas eutropha.

    They recently started selling in Europe too, but I have NO idea how they scientifically argue for the safety of their product.
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  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Nice review article of cosmetic regulations in the US, but they never answer the it time to regulate them?   

    Probably not since it's difficult to demonstrate a significant effect.
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