Help with formula for matte eyeshadow

 I’m trying to make a matt pressed eyeshadow that is pigmented and blendable
The formula I used was:
25% lake dye
15% Carnauba coated mica
15%L-lysine coated mica
6% Magnesium Myristrate 
3% Boron nitride
36% Silk mica 
This formula worked for me when I used iron oxides/ultramarines in place of the lake dye. 

I tried combining all the ingredients in the blender and it was very dry feeling and the pigmentation was sheer but was blendable. 
I also tried adding titanium dioxide at an extra 6% to the mix but It did  not make any difference. 
I then tried mixing the lake dye with some dimeticone  350 before adding in the dry ingredients it came out slightly more pigmented but was not blendable. 

Could anyone offer any advice or suggestions on what I am doing wrong or what I can do to make it work. 


  • U can add some wet binder,  I've combine high viscous dimethicone (350cs) with low viscous dimethicone (5/10cs) and for wetting agent I use cosmol 222. Hope it work with your formula! 
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