Economical sulfate free and parabens free shampoo

Hello friends, trying to formulate a sulfate free and parabens free shampoo, need help to find some good price blend that can produce an economical shampoo. Right now we are using Plantapon SF(sulfate free surfactant), which is pretty expensive.

I will really appreciate some help here.


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    You've discovered that it is a lot more expensive to make an effective sulphate-free formula. Is it really that expensive? You cannot compare more exotic surfactants with run-of-the-mill surfactants such as SLS and SLES. I can't comment further without price information.
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  • @Belassi AOS has the capability of creating a cheap formulation, but then it is a very powerful degreaser as well.
    @hollywoodstyle I think economical/cheap and sulfate free don't go together until and unless you can sell a horribly underperforming excuse of a product labelled as a shampoo. 
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