Alternative to coffee/energy drinks - I need to wake up!

Hi a newbie here! I was thinking of finding an alternative to energy drinks and coffee. I'm transitioning into the healthy/more environmentally and animal friendly diet and lifestyle so with this I had to ditch energetic drinks and coffee. 
I tried yerba matte, cascara and matcha but I didn't like the taste.
Since you know science so well maybe someone knows of anything that will help with my problem?
Thanks in advance :)


  • Yerba mate with sugar or honey, green tea is too bitter and dry for me, and cascara I don't know what that is. Still, you won't get much energy from those infusions. If you aim to have a healthy lifestyle looking for uppers ain't a smart move, you are just changing one stimulant for another. Want healthy?. Eat healthy, do exercise and let your body rest through his natural cycle and at his own time. 
  • Ginseng
    Powder mixed in hot water seems to work better than caps.
    Get your Blood Pressure checked tho.

    For some reason tea actually makes me relaxed and even drowsy.

    If it's a health problem:
    1 Start by getting your metabolic rate checked
    Temperatures on waking up in the morning, heart rate, and their drop after eating give important clues.
    2 Get comprehensive thyroid labs. At least TSH, total T4 and T3.

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    Some health advices are probably best left to their GP c.q. specialist.

    FYI, fT4 is usually only checked if TSH is not within the rates (lab dependent though) and (f)T3 rarely, and is certainly not a standard test.

    Just my humble opinion: I don't think this forum is the right place for asking and giving health advices/instructions.
    @Perry ?
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