(Ask) on how to achieve consistency in fiber wax making

Greetings to all of you how came to this discussion.

Recently i have been starting to make fiber wax in a large batch(of 2000mL). And the problem i found here is the formula that i once used in a 400mL batch went opaque.

I took some pictures to add some information here.

The process i am using are the same from my previous discussion. I used a stick blender with 4 blades on it, but this time i use 2 pots for cooking instead of directly cooking the pot on the electric stove, I steamed the formula on a pot of water.

my questions are, will there be any different on the formula i have to use on a 400mL and 2000mL?

Is it possible this problem were caused by the evaporation during cooking process? 
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