Help? Sticky spray.

I'm wondering if there is a trick to getting a clear linen spray formula that uses a solubilizer that isn't sticky? Everything I try leads to a sticky/ tacky feel on pillow cases. Bleh. No issues if I don't worry about clarity. I know I could just not worry about clarity, but for learning's sake, I'm wondering how to improve this? I also feel the mist is too "heavy" with the amount of solubilizer to get a clear formula. Been using poly 20. I would love to at the moment figure this out with a water-based formula instead of resorting to silicones. I appreciate any insight and help! Just playing at the moment to see what it takes to get clear and non-sticky, so very basic. Needing the poly at about 4x the fragrance for clarity.

Distilled water
Poly 20
optiphen +


  • Increasing the ethanol should help increase the solubility of your fragrance and allow you to reduce the amount of solubilizer that you need.

    Keep in mind that this might make the product Flammable.
  • what are the ratios of the frag to poly 20?
    Dr. Catherine Pratt
    (B.Sc with HONS I , Ph.D Analytical/Organic Chem and Microbiology), Cosmetic Chemistry IPCS)
  • Catherine, 1:4!
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