Bar soap - PALM OIL

Good day to you.I need to know the difference between <cosmetic palm oil> and <Food palm oil> for  manufacturing of bar soap.


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  • @Hicham do you plan to saponify palm oil?
  • Thank you @belassi @Gunther for your feedback. I want to inform you that I have not found the cosmetic palm oil  in my region. the food palm oil  is available that's why I want to know there is a difference in  quality for production of bar soap [ Yes saponification].
  • Hello Hicham,

    Usually the cosmetic grade of edible oils is highly impure (mainly due to the process and to the source itself). The oil may have a bitter taste or a different color or smell and does not conform to the food norms, but it does not affect the quality of cosmetic products made with them, especially when used to make soaps. I do not have first hand experience in saponifying palm oil, but every year I make olive oil soaps. After the olive season, I make the tour of the olive presses (where they extract the oil from the olives), and I buy the "oil for making soap", they are usually pretty cheap and most of the time they give it for free (they want to get rid of it).
    So I advise you to go to the production sites of palm oil (if you can of course). And there they can help you with your inquiry.
  • For saponification, you may wish to switch to coconut oil and Potassium hydroxide
    Potassium cocoate is a bit water soluble unlike Palm soap
    This will allow you to dissolve some soap, without needing a highly alkaline pH, which can damage skin and hair.

    Also, palm oil has a bad reputation, unlike coconut. Thus allowing for easier marketing.
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