Sodium levulinate

Does anyone know why it is not possible to buy Sodium levulinate alone, but only in mixture?


  • Have you tried to look for Sodium levulinate on I was looking everywhere for sodium phytate and dehydroacetate  with no success, until I tried Alibaba.  
  • sodium phytate is available from Evonik
    I can find sodium levulinate in Alibaba, but for now, alibaba is a no go as it is complicate to control the suppliers
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    Does it have to be the sodium salt? I can find a trusted supplier for levulinic acid (attached pdf file).

    (Edit: I have read here that the sodium salt of levulinic acid probably has better antimicrobial activity than the acid. Very interesting read.)
  • @ great! thank you very much!
  • @jeremien
    You're welcome!

    I find it especially interesting to read in the link mentioned above, that it's the sodium salts that seem to have stronger antimicrobial activity, rather than their acid forms. Seems the exact opposite of sodium sorbate and sodium benzoate for example!
    Also a big advantage is the better solubility of the salts.

    I can only find a supplier for sodium anisate (Evonik).
    The meat industry, mentioned in the link, must get it somewhere, perhaps food grade only.

    Or experiment by synthesizing the sodium salt from the levulinic acid yourself?
    Would also be a nice project for @Belassi if he had the time! :wink:

    Good luck! :kissing_heart:
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