Hydrolyzed Rice in Psoriasis Lotion

Made a nice textured lotion by spur of the moment/accident

80% water - this was excess water from a pot of cooking rice, after simmering for at least 15 mins, quite Thick stuff.
10% oils
6% wax 165
2% cetyl alcohol (i think. it was accident so could have been ewax nf, or cetostearyl alcohol)
1% b3
.05% preservative
essential oil

The texture was so nice and it was soothing on swims chronic dry skin and psoriasis, which I made it for, reading about rice starch as a soother for this skin condition. Used the best oils I had, usually anything stings upon application but there were no complaints and swims skin was nice up to the next day.
The texture of the lotion was super thick but I didn't like how it was a bit tacky as it fully dried. Was this because there was too much rice starch?

How can I prepare this rice gruel to make this lotion again? How to measure the concentration of starch in the water, does the gruel need to be neutralized with lye somehow? as per this thread http://chemistscorner.com/cosmeticsciencetalk/discussion/3702/hydrolysed-proteins/p1

The rice is very high in minerals and protein, highest I have ever seen.
Sunbrown brand

Is this gruel or rice water called hydrolyzed rice?

Thanks for reading, any ideas would be great!


  • I forgot to say I also added 4% humectants, botanical extract 1:1 in glycerine at 2% plus 2% aloe vera

    Was it the glycerine and aloe that makes it slightly tacky?

  • ITs the rice starch that is contributing to your rheology and skin conditioning more than the rice protein. No alkali needed. I like the "gruel" moniker. Rice flour can make for quite a thick roux when you cook with it, BTW. Ask any gluten-free chef.
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     learned a new term today...
    made it again couple times since, but always as a last minute thought when making rice
    so, havent used distilled water. or a measured method. one was better than the others (not sticky at all) but it was the one that i didnt note the measurements of the different oils i used as well. of course.

    its so great with b3.

    any thoughts on preservation?

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