BRITTLE HAIR. need help

i would like to share one thing that hair of my beard breaks easily. my beard hair is too weak and in another hand dryness contribute in brittle hair. so please help me out which kind of product i can use to recover with this problem.


  • Is shaving an option?
  • i don't think so
  • Unless your hair is chemically treated
    i.e. dyed, bleached or relaxed
    brittle hair often comes from healh conditions and there's little cosmetics can do about it.
    Hypothyroidism often makes hair thin and brittle.

    OTOH some people have perfectly fine scalp hair, yet little or brittle beards.
  • so you want say that main reason of weak beard is severe or prolonged hypothyroidism. @gunther i don't have any thyroid disorder. already i consulted to dr about this. thank you
  • It sounds like your hair may not be conditioned enough? Have you tried/are you using any conditioners or oils at the moment? That might solve the problem :)
  • if it will work than of course i should try than. @savetheplanetearth
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