Student Friendly Massage Lotion Formulation

I want to teach some adult students how to make their own massage lotion (or cream). I'm hoping for a very simple recipe where they don't have to consider many variables(pH etc), something they could use professionally, and is a sturdy enough formulation that they can tinker with (change the slip and glide, add vitamin E/fragrance etc).

Right now I'm considering multipurpose ingredients like BTMS-25 to combine with their Jojoba or Coconut oil, and then use a catch-all preservative like germall plus. Some sort of mango/shea butter if its needed.

Does anyone have better suggestions?  


  • Maybe try a "liquid crystal" type emulsifier? They are very easy to work with and you don't need to worry about HLB calculations. Use less for a thin cream and more for a thick cream. Olivem 1000 or Montanov 68. Use stabilizers like cetearyl alcohol with them.
  • If you want something simple for massage tell them to use vaseline. 

    Any cosmetic formulation will require to consider variables like pH, and it should be made by someone with a minimum knowledge and understanding of what they are doing. Period.

    To prevent any harm coming to customers I suggest you buy a base cream from a local supplier and make a list with things they can add safely to it. Even then I wouldn't trust much. It's quite common for someone with no experience to make mistakes, and you shouldn't give them that responsability.
  • @gls010 ;  
    Interesting. I've got no experience with the liquid crystal emulsifiers, might be interesting, but I've heard Olivem 1000 was pretty unstable.  I'll have to give it some research.
  • I agree with DAS. Vaseline plus essential oils at low % would do the job for beginners 
  • @gld010  it worked amazingly, thank you for the insight
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