zinc citrate solubility

Hiya. Experimenting with adding zinc citrate into a mouthwash formulation. Google tells me that 2.6 grams of zinc citrate are soluble in one litre of water at 25ºC. But I'm ending up with a lot of undissolved solid even with a lot more water. Tried adding citric acid which helps but not sure if this is a desirable reaction for my purpose. Anyone have any ideas? fyi I'm very much a beginner here!!


  • Your problem is that you have zinc citrate and you need zinc citrate trihydrate.
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  • Thank you!
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    @Belassi Looking at suppliers and it seems that some use the terms zinc citrate and zinc citrate trihydrate interchangeably with varying formulas. What would be the best way to specify the compound i need? Is it a fairly uncommon product?

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