Quaternium-90, Borosilicates and... Mica?

Hi all,

I have a variety of questions that probably don't need their own threads. I have an intermediate amount of DIY'er knowledge so forgive me if these are questions I should know the answers to.

  • Quaternium-90 sepiolite/montmorillonite: which substrates/bases will this work with? I keep finding very short lists eg. cyclomethicone, isododecane, mineral oil. What else? Any tips on making best use of it would be appreciated if you have experience. 
  • The difference between calcium sodium borosilicate and calcium alumnium borosilicate? I often see both in an ingredients list - do they look different? 
  • Pressed powder highlighter: what am I looking at with regard to shine? Is it primarily the mica? --that's been treated with tin oxide? titanium dioxide? How influential are other ingredients like bismuth oxychloride and boron nitride?

Thanks in advance!
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