O/W BB cream with boron nitride

I have this existing formula for a BB cream that worked for me before, I've tried the same formula with a new powder that we are trying to purchase. It's a surface treated boron nitride, it is advertised as hydrophilic so i add it to the water phase of the formula. 

Here's the formula 
Zemea 5.00
glycerin 4.00
Carbopol 940 0.5
DI water 50.29
Boron Nitride

Hydrogenated polydecene 6.00
Octyldodecanol 5.00
Octydodecyl oleate 5.00
Cetyl alcohol 3.00
Alarcel 3.00
Avocado Oil 1.00
Vitamin E 1.00

Colorant 7.1

Neutralizer (AMPD ultra pc) .40
Preservative 1.00

The formula looks fine and feels nice until I added the neutralizer, it separates and turn into this nasty looking solution. I tried changing the neutralizer and used salt instead and it still not working.


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