HCl solution handling


I was wondering if any of you uses HCl solutions in their production line. What is the usual concentration you use and how do you handle it to avoid damaging the stainless steel of your equipments.

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  • 0.5% w/v for Botox inactivation. Which also meant the cleaning of the crossflow bench (made of stainless steel) where it was prepared in, after a short while the whole surface of the bench was damaged irreversibly.
    The inactivation procedure of the whole bench was just to be sure that a minute spillage that wasn't noticed would be inactivated as well. Very drastic (and expensive) measures.

    Ok, this was done in hospital mostly for non-cosmetic indications, but the effect on the steel of the workbench was dramatic, even with a concentration that low.
  • Thank you for your reply. 
  • We used once HCl solution on 316L stainless steel and it left marks quickly. 
  • @em88
    You're welcome! :+1:

  • I was thinking to use citric acid instead of HCl, but it needs a lot of NaOH/TEA to neutralize at the end.
  • What were you planning to use it for?
  • I have to create an acidic solution with the pH 2-3 to dissolve the API and than to neutralize at the end. The product is a shampoo.
  • Ok, good luck! :-)
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