Retinol/Retinyl Palmitate - solubility, dissolving issues


I need some help to dissolve some retinol. I am aiming to create a light skin serum with about 0.1-0.5% retinol. 

According to the link below, I should be able to dissolve retinol "absolute ethanol, methanol, chloroform, ether, fats and oils." I have tried ethanol, isopropanol, and a variety of oils (sunflower, argan, soya bean), but I have had no luck in completely dissolving the retinol in either of these. I even tried ethanol 50% and isopropanol 50%. 

My method included putting about 0.05g retinol per 100ml of each solvent (listed above). I am using a 100ml glass beaker and stirring it with a magnetic stirrer. Even after 10+ hours of stirring there are still "floaties" in the solution, which drop to the bottom if I stop the stirrer. 

Am I wondering if there is anything I am missing? Or if there is anything wrong with the retinol powder (I ordered this from Ebay). I have some retinyl palmitate powder too but I am also experiencing the same issues with it (i.e. doesn't seem to dissolve, "floaties"). I didn't expect it would be so difficult to dissolve such a small amount of powder.

Ideally I would not like to use too much oil, I don't mind having up to 30-50% alcohol. Thanks



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