cationic biocides???!!!

I am not familiar with this.  I was asked to make an existing system lotion (anionic) more cationic to accommodate a Cationic biocide.

At the risk of sounding silly - what does this mean? what are some cationic biocides?  Do I really need to change a lotion formulation so much to accommodate one?  


  • Cationic biocides are OK. It is the Dogionic ones that are a problem.
    This link might inform you... 
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  • What’s the formula here; cationics include benzalkonium chloride, chlorhexidine gluconate, PHMB, cetyl pyridinium chloride, etc. What is the product application/category???
  • cream for intimate pleasure and play
  • Those are the options, see if any of thoth can be used for such applications.
    I haven't gone down south until now to develop such a product 😀😀
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