selenium sulfide shampoo

1% selenium sulfide shampoo formulation help. any start up guidelines?


  • GuntherGunther Member
    Just some quick brainstorming

    1 If I'm not mistaken Selenium-disulfide can stain metal containers, not sure about Stainless Steel, so maybe you'd need glass containers

    2 Check your local laws
    as some concentrations (like 1%) can still be sold as OTC but higher ones (like 2.5%) require prescriptions.

    3 It'd be nice to have a Ketoconazole + Seleniun disulfide shampoo. Again check local laws as I believe Keto can be sold as OTC up to 2% concentration.
    not sure if they can cross-react though, so you'd need to check this yourself.

    4 Keep your formula simple. If possible, stick to a proven one.
    You already have an active ingredient, so no need for unproven conditioners, essential oils or wild ideas that can hinder Selenium disulfide absorption, or cross-react with it.
    Search for scientific studies about proven SD absorption, and just replicate the formulas used.
  • Thank you sir @Gunther.
    Actually our is medicated 2.5% USP topical suspension (shampoo). 
    Is Bantonite useful/necessary  in this product?
    is Use of HPMC, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate  useful?
    Well i saw material  Di hydrogenated  Tallow Phatlic acid amide. Why this is used?
    Our product is Shampoo base. so SLES, CocoBetaine and cocoamydobutone, Citric acid, Dimethicone are my main ingredients. 
  • actually we made selenium sulfide + Clotrimazole shampoo.
    But found clotrimazole unstable. It became blackish after a year.
  • Selenium Sulfide settled down at bottom.
    My formula is as under.
    Selelnium Sulfide--2.5%
    SLES, COcodine, Cocobetaine Silicon oil, PG, BHT, BHA, Sod. Citrate, Citric acid,
    GHPTC, Perfume , EDTA, PArabens, HPMC-0.5%, Water.

  • Can bentonite or Light Kaolin stop selenium form settling down?help.

  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Amit, don't waste time using bentonite or other mineral clays.  Kaolin does not suspend organic constituents, by the way, it just sits there. The best yield value is from guars or other saccharide gums (xanthan, sclerotium, etc,). You already have cationic guar in there - try upping it and co-dispersing it with hydroxymethylcellulose ("Methocel" by Dow) and the synergy may bring success. Good luck working with SeS.  I've worked with it before - very toxic - take care there.
  • Ah yes, selenium. I just love the smell of burning selenium rectifiers in the morning ... toxic as hell.
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  • Thank you @chemicalmatt .
     My current GHPTC & HPMC is 0.5% . I will increase & try. 

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