Homogenizer Problem


I am brand new to the forum and excited to be here. I’ve been making my own skin care products for a few years now and have decided to get serious and start a company to sell my products online. I’ve enrolled a few online formulation courses to round out my knowledge and I’m passionate about learning everything I can about formulating!

So I decided to invest in a new piece of lab equipment - a homogenizer. Specifically the “SCILOGEX D500”. I have always used a stick blender for my emulsions, which has worked fine, but I am interested to move to a more professional tool.  After a few uses I have discovered something very strange happening - so - I’m not sure if I’m using this thing wrong or what the deal is?

Basically. I was trying to homogenize a simple lotion and noticed all of the sudden a metallic liquid all over the top of my formulation! Here is a photo. It sort of looks like gold metallic paint.

The only part of the homogenizer that is gold metal is the bushing - here is a photo of the generator probe disassembled.

Clearly the metal bushing is somehow slowly disintegrating and adding fine metallic particles to my formulations! In looking at the picture of the D500 on the manufacturers website, I noticed that in their picture the bushing is white plastic and they list it in the description as a PVDF bushing - which mine is clearly not that.

So I’m wondering - did they send me the wrong bushing? It seems weird that they would send a totally incompatible bushing, which makes me wonder if somehow I am using the homogenizer incorrectly? Is it me or the bushing?

Does anybody have experience with homogenizers or have you run into this problem? Please help!

Thank you :smile:



  • For our homogenizers we do have a little plastic ring that goes inside the part that is gold (or gold plated, who knows) on yours. Ours isn't gold, that's an odd metal to make a part that's exposed to so much friction as gold tends to be soft.
    Maybe you're missing that plastic inset? I'd shoot them an email.
  • They have sent you the brass bushing rather than the PVDF bushing. The brass bushing is cheaper than the PVDF bushing (see bottom of this website https://www.scilogex.com/scilogex-d500-homogenizer.html).

    Contact your supplier and get them to send you the correct part.

  • Ah ha! Makes sense. Thank you! I ordered the PVDF bushing. 
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