Solution for dark eye circle

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I want to make formulation of dark eye circle using vitamin C, kojic acid, licorice  and vitamin  A as my active ingredients..I don't know it can treat the dark eye circle cause by allergy of cream.. please i need advice 


  • How much experience do you have? This is not a beginner level product.
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  • Dipeptide-2/eyeliss function is
     anti-eyebag, anti-black circle 
    Cosmetic peptide ingredients manufacturer, cover anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin-restructuring, skin-firming, fat-growth, defense, anti-eyebag, eye-flash growth, hair growth and etc.

    Such as Argireline, Serilesine peptide, GHK.Cu,Pal-GHK, Syn-ake, Nonapeptide-1, eyeliss peptide and others. Biostren Chemical

  • Thanks so much for this response
  • You will have significant problems with oxidation and discoloration, especially depending on the forms of vitamin A and C you use and if you're making something water-based. The kojic acid  also causes a yellowing over time, just so you're aware.
  • First try several commercial products until you find one that really works for those dark circles
    only then attempt to replicate or improve the formula.
  • Caffeine and Vitamin K might be good options
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