Need suggestion about private label service provider

Hi all,

I would like to have a cosmetic line of my own consisting a lipstick (vegan), a skin care product and a non alcohol based eau de perfum. I would love to listening and learn from you about how to start and whom to look for. I do not have any recipe but do have a marketing and sales strategy. I believe private label would be preferred and viable option. But which one would be good. Pleaase help me out.



  • did you get any suggestions?  My wife and I are starting a new line and going that route? (Private labeld)
  • betajdl@ no luck

    DAS@ Thank you for the link, i have checked it before though. Actually, I was looking for someone who can share their experience with this or that private label company, suggest some good one and also advice to be away from some. 
  • Our company does private label/contract manufacturer in California :)
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