Reverse Engineering

When a chemist or formulator reverse engineers a product, are they able to get the exact percentages of each ingredient? tks


  • Difficult to be exact unless one has sophisticated analytical resources ie HPLC—AA-Mass spec etc.Most approximate based on order of LOI.
  • In general I would say no but it depends. We reverse engineer many products and in many cases we can provide an equal or often times better product than the benchmark. There are certain labs that can reverse engineer products for exact ingredient amounts though. Don't be too surprised if you discover it contains products in it that shouldn't be there or if the amounts of certain ingredients aren't what they claim to be. We see it fairly often which is unfortunate.
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  • The first thing I would do would be to put a weighed sample in a dessicating chamber to remove all the water. What's left will be all the lipids and solids etc.
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  • Unless you have the formula of the competitor, it's doubtful you can reverse engineer it exactly. But in formulating, you don't have to be exact to meet consumer expectations.
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