Potassium sorbate

Good evening,
I write for a formulation advice about preservative potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Do you have experience on the use of these preservatives on leave on products?can they are irritanting? Thanks 


  • Found that Sodium Benzoate for Facial products can be rather stingy / cause redness, so best avoided

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  • At what concentration?
  • I had redness with 0.2% potassium sorbate. 
  • Thanks for your comments!
  • @Doreen ; How do you know that your redness come from potassium sorbate?

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    At first I suspected bisabolol:

    (Please don't pay attention to the wrong usage of the verb 'invoke', like it's some sort of occult ritual, lol!) :joy: :joy:
    (and aswell)
  • @Doreen ; what i cannot understand, is that how the European comision, FDA or private label such as COSMOS could allow this preservative if it seems so obvious that many people notice redness with this product.  

  • @jeremien - it isn't surprising. If the problem only affects a small percentage of the population, there is no reason not to allow it.  

    This is why list of ingredients are required. Marketers may have taken advantage of LOIs, but the real reason for having them is to alert people who have allergies to certain ingredients. 

  • Good evening! Do you have experience about sodium benzoate? I want realize an Aloe vera gel with a large percentage of organic Aloe vera gel (about 95%) preserved with sodium benzoate (0,2%) and potassium sorbate (0.1%). 
    Thank you
  • Providing pH <= 5.5 there should be no problem. I had better advise you that that concentration of aloe vera will sting if applied to broken skin, although it won't last long.
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  • I would like create an aftersun gel refreshing and smoothing based on organic aloe vera gel.Sting is due to Aloe or ro preservatives?
  • Due to aloe. The efficacy of the product depends entirely on the aloe concentration. I use 10x concentrate so I can make pretty much any percent I want. 100% is very effective but it does sting if the skin is broken. However that goes away quickly and healing is rapid.
    Design of anti-aging creams, gels, and serums; shampoos; and therapeutic cosmetics. In-house label and box design capability.
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    Thank you very much.I wrote about irritant effects linked to sodium benzoate but i haven' t experience..at what concentration it can cause redness?
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