Adjusting pH in Chemical Peel

Can you please explain me how to adjust pH in chemical peel.
For example, I'm going to prepare a solution of lactic acid 70%. It's calculated pH is 1,52. I would like to stay with the same concentration - 70%- but to decrease pH( for example to get deeper penetration effect). How can I do that? 


  • Generally the question is what are the formulation methods of pH decreasing of peel solutions (for example lactic+ mandelic+azelaic acids etc.). The goal is to get the peel solution with max. quantity of undissociated acid molecules for deep penetration effect.
  • pH 1.5 is very low already. 
  • Decrease a pH of 1.5? Might as well put battery acid on your face.
  • Should we call in ambulance, just in case?
  • It was just an example, maybe not very good one. I'm not going to do and apply this of coarse. Imagine please a higher pH value instead of 1.5 if it's confusing. My question is about formulation technics to decrease pH in case of acid peels. I guess some buffers are used. 

  • Hi Tania,
    The pH you have to get it's below the pka of the acids you are working with. For example the lactic acid pka is about 4. So below that it's ok. As pH more below the pka more effectiveness you will get. But you have to keep in mind that as lower pH more instabilities or incompatibilities problems you could have.

    I hope I could help you.
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