Syndet shampoo bar advise

Hello all! 
I am so happy that I found this forum:) 
I am trying to make a solid shampoo bar :

SCI 48%
Root white marshmallow powder 15%
Decyl glycoside 13 % 
Cocoamidopropyl betaine 6%
Rose petals powder 5%
Castor oil 3%
Cetearyl alcohol 3%
Stearic acid 3%
Glycerin 3%

The problem is that after using it my hair has that waxy feeling and it does not work well...
Before that I tried the same formula without stearic acid and did not work well also - while washing my hair felt that sharp feeling ....
Can you please tell if you think something is missing or something is excessive ..

Greets from Bulgaria!


  • I am a student 1st year in University in Cosmetics and I do not have a chemistry background...but I am quite passionate :)
  • Remove the castor oil. 
  •  @zaidjeber Thank you for your advise !
     I was thinking of replacing the castor oil with coconut oil .....also I was thinking that the root white marshmallow powder is quite high percentage . If you could share an opinion I would be grateful :) I really think that some oil would do a great job in the bar
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