Cant find some ingredients anywhere, please help


I'm trying to find polyethylene, pentaerythrityl tetra di t butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate and synthethic flurphgopite to make lipsticks but I can't find them anywhere. I'm following this formula:

caprylic capric triglyceride
dicalcium phosphate
disteardimonium hectorite
hydrogenated styrene/isopropene copolymer
iron oxide
pentaerythrityl tetra di t butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate
propylene carbonate
sunflower wax
synthethic fluorphgopite
titanium dioxide

I'm a beginner who wants to make my own homemade lipsticks, therefore, I'm not looking for bulks. My other option is to find replacements for those three ingredients I can't find. Can somebody tell me alternatives for these ingredients? Thankyou in advance. 


  • You already have posted this with another title.
    There are answers in the other thread.
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